My name is Karlee Clark and I am going into my fourth year of education, beginning internship in the fall. I am enrolled in the middle years program and hope to teach in a grade 6/7 classroom. In regards to teaching, I am specifically interested in inclusion and teaching towards all learning styles and I hope that technology can assist myself in doing so.

I do not have a ton of experience with educational technology which is why I wanted to take this class. I realize that technology plays such a significant role in our classrooms today, especially with middle years. Educational technology can be used to make global connections as well as engage in social justice issues which is an important part of learning for our students. A big part of using technology in the classroom is developing that global community. This is reflected in the broad areas of learning and the K-12 aims and goals within the Saskatchewan Curriculum as they are nearly impossible to reach without utilizing technology to continue learning and being engaged within our society.

Initially when I began blogging in ECS 100 and ECS 110, I did not enjoy blogging at all. It was forced and therefor I found it had no purpose. Now that I am getting closer to finishing my degree and potentially finding a job, I want to use blogging to generate an E-portfolio that I am proud of. Education is competitive and therefor I want to showcase my strengths and show employers why they would want myself as a teacher and staff member within their school.

I am looking forward to learning more about using technology within the classroom and specifically using it with the purpose of benefiting those exceptional learners. I hope to collaborate with all my peers in EDTC300 and learn from everyone about education technology.

PS: Feel free to connect with me on Twitter @MissCla79557883.


Photo Credit: verchmarco Flickr via Compfight cc

One thought on “Introduction

  1. brennasmithblog says:

    Hi Karlee,
    I completely agree that technology is a vital component to integrate into the classroom. I hope that I can leave this class and have some tools, tricks, and tips on how to successful utilize technology in the classroom to not only enhance my own teaching, but also to enhance my students’ learning.


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