Edtc300 is an Online Learning Community

EDTC300 really flew by! It was packed with online contributions and interactions that improved my digital identity. Some apps and programs that we used throughout the course included Zoom, Slack, Feedly, Twitter, WordPress, and a variety of other resources and online supports. These tools supported our classroom community and allowed us to interact, share and collaborate with one another through our computers.

This course provided tons of opportunity for learning and building on my digital citizenship. However, even with the apps and programs that supported my learning, this course still remained a challenge. I struggled with maintaining a fluent online identity throughout this course as I did fall behind with my online contributions. However, with saying that, I still shared many resources on slack and twitter and commented on my classmate’s blog posts, supporting their learning journey. I documented these contributions on a public google slide, make sure to check it out!

Screen Shot 2019-06-23 at 11.49.16 PM.png

I one hundred percent recommend taking this course. Even though it was a challenge, it pushed me outside my online comfort zone and taught me more skills than most of my required courses. I have not only gained many Resources, but I also know how to use technology to continue my learning journey as an educator. I now know where I can find resources that will not just support my learning, but also the learning of my future students. And most importantly, EDTC300 supported me in created a professional online presence that will enhance my resume when applying for teaching in the future.

Lastly, thank you to Katia Hildebrandt for teaching this course and thank you to my classmates for supporting my learning.


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