Beginner at Twitter

As a new member of Twitter, I have found that it is a great place to make connections with the community, but also to connect further and make global interactions. For myself as a pre-service teacher, I am using Twitter as a professional development tool to connect with other teachers and administrators. However, in the future, I also hope to use Twitter in the classroom during my Internship this fall in order for my students to make connections. For example, if one of my students is reading a book and has a question for the author, we could tweet them. Twitter can also be used in the classroom to stay up to date on social justice issues or to even find resources.

As a part of my EDTC 300 course, we participated in a Saskedchat which is facilitated by Kelly Christopherson and is used for teachers to make connections and share resources. Saskedchat was not only a great experience for connecting with other teachers, but also taught me a lot about the supports available for new teachers. Regardless of the questions that are being asked, Saskedchat is a great place for making connections and gaining resources from other professionals. After my spring classes are over, I definitely plan on participating in more Saskedchat’s to help myself prepare for Internship. I also plan on finding other education chats to join as well. I now realize that Twitter is extremely useful for anyone wanting to be a lifelong learner, however for myself it is even more than that and I am excited to see what else I learn from it in the future.

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Using Feedly for Learning

I created a Feedly account in order to find both educational technology and general education resources that I could use in my classroom one day. The free account for Feedly allows you to create three boards so that you can stay organized with the blogs that you subscribe to, therefor I created an education board, an edtech board, and a fun board where I could subscribe to different topics like fashion, travel, food, etc. Except for my fun board, when choosing which blogs I wanted to follow, I would look at the preview to see whether the content would be useful for a future educator. After reading over a variety of blog posts, two that I wanted to share on my blog were ReadWorks Offers Free Summer Reading Packets and Hidden iPad Features to Help Students with Learning Disabilities.

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ReadWorks Offers Free Summer Reading Packets
This post talks about how ReadWorks offers free reading packets that you can give to your students. Readings include fiction and non-fiction articles for students entering grades 1-12. This is an awesome resource for any teacher as a lot of students who need additional literary support do not have to resources available at home. Even if the student does not have access to the internet at home, these reading packets are available for preview, download and print. If you do not know much about ReadWorks, this post includes a video of an overview of how ReadWorks operates.

Hidden iPad Features to Help Students with Learning Disabilities
This post explains to its readers (with instructions) how to use the features within an iPad to help learners with their vision, hearing, motor skills, and literacy. The post specifically talks about colour filters for people who are blind or have low vision, siri shortcuts for deaf and hard of hearing, switch control for physical and motor skills, and finally guided access for learning and literacy.  This is useful for teachers as a lot of schools now have iPad’s available, and teachers can use what they learned from this post to support their students who need additional help in these areas.


My name is Karlee Clark and I am going into my fourth year of education, beginning internship in the fall. I am enrolled in the middle years program and hope to teach in a grade 6/7 classroom. In regards to teaching, I am specifically interested in inclusion and teaching towards all learning styles and I hope that technology can assist myself in doing so.

I do not have a ton of experience with educational technology which is why I wanted to take this class. I realize that technology plays such a significant role in our classrooms today, especially with middle years. Educational technology can be used to make global connections as well as engage in social justice issues which is an important part of learning for our students. A big part of using technology in the classroom is developing that global community. This is reflected in the broad areas of learning and the K-12 aims and goals within the Saskatchewan Curriculum as they are nearly impossible to reach without utilizing technology to continue learning and being engaged within our society.

Initially when I began blogging in ECS 100 and ECS 110, I did not enjoy blogging at all. It was forced and therefor I found it had no purpose. Now that I am getting closer to finishing my degree and potentially finding a job, I want to use blogging to generate an E-portfolio that I am proud of. Education is competitive and therefor I want to showcase my strengths and show employers why they would want myself as a teacher and staff member within their school.

I am looking forward to learning more about using technology within the classroom and specifically using it with the purpose of benefiting those exceptional learners. I hope to collaborate with all my peers in EDTC300 and learn from everyone about education technology.

PS: Feel free to connect with me on Twitter @MissCla79557883.


Photo Credit: verchmarco Flickr via Compfight cc